Discover Our Story

Discover Our Story

At Patroon, a discerning clientele finds impeccable service, a familial staff and an inviting menu of seasonal American favorites.

The word Patroon is from the old New York (New Amsterdam) Dutch, meaning genteel landowner; essentially, a gentleman. At Aretsky’s Patroon, the charm of old New York meets 21st century modernity. In a historic building that has housed a destination restaurant since the 1950s, Patroon today welcomes a convivial and urbane clientele. The building itself is the former home of Christ Cella, a beloved eatery opened in 1923 in the area that was once known as “Steak Row.” Within three levels of this iconic Manhattan townhouse, a business-casual crowd now enjoys everything from relaxed lunches to group celebrations to rooftop cocktails.

Elegant and timeless, Aretsky’s Patroon features multiple private dining areas that offer real versatility, whether you are having an intimate birthday dinner for friends or using the entire townhouse for a wedding celebration or corporate event.

An extraordinary 20th-century photography collection —black-and-white images by the likes of Neil Leifer, William Klein, Abelardo Morell, Saul Leiter, Hiro, Loomis Deans, Andreas Feninger and Charles Hoff — adds visual drama to each of the townhouse’s unique dining spaces.


Conveniently located near the neighborhood’s banking and media headquarters, Grand Central Terminal, and the United Nations, it’s no wonder that Patroon has become a sought-after destination for a sophisticated midtown audience. For groups large and small, for newcomers and regulars alike, Aretsky’s Patroon consistently elevates the everyday to the extraordinary.